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          HomeProductsMedia Converter10|100M Media Converter > HM-T100N 10/100M FE media converter with internal power

          This model is with internal power and realizes 10/100M Fast Ethernet over fiber solution.

          Main Feature:

          • Ethernet auto adapt 10/100M
          • Comply with standards of IEEE802.3, IEEE 802.3u.
          • ED indicators for easy installation and maintenance.
          • Pass RFC2544, RFC2889 test.
          • The device can work both with dual fiber and single fiber .
          • CE(EMC, LVD), FCC, ROHS certified


          Technical Parameters:

          Ethernet interface

          One Ethernet port

          Connector: RJ45

          Auto-adapt full/half duplex

          Auto-adapt 10/100M

          Both MDI/MDIXavailable

          Optical interface

          Connector: SC default, SC/FC/LC option

          Optical port: 155M

          Default: Dual fiber, single mode,20km, 1310nm

          TX POWER of 20km optical module: -11~-4 dBm

          RX sensitivity of 20km optical module: -36 dBm

          Saturated optic power: -3dBm

          Optical module is customized according to different requirement.


          PWR: to indicate power, FLINK, ELINK,100M, DUP

          FLINK: to indicate fiber link and trasmit/receive data.

          ELINK: to indicate Ethernet link and transmit/receive data

          100M: to indicate Ethernet 10M or 100M.

          DUP: to indicate full/half duplex


          Working temperature: 0℃~70℃

          Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃

          Relative humidity: <90%, non-condensing

          Internal power supply


          Application Diagram:



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