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          HomeProductsMedia Converter10|100M Media Converter > HM-T100NLC 10/100M FE SFP media converter with internal power

          This model is for fast Ethernet over fiber solution. One SFP slot offered for SFP modules, with internal power supply. This device is applied in many places where need long distance transmission. LFP function offered for easy maintenance.


          Main Feature:

          • Ethernet auto adapt 10/100M
          • Comply with standards of IEEE802.3, IEEE 802.3u.
          • ED indicators for easy installation and maintenance.
          • Pass RFC2544, RFC2889 test.
          • The device can work both with dual fiber and single fiber .
          • CE(EMC, LVD), FCC, ROHS certified


          Technical Parameters:

          Ethernet interface

          One Ethernet port

          Connector: RJ45

          Auto-adapt full/half duplex

          Auto-adapt 10/100M

          Both MDI/MDIXavailable

          Optical interface

          Connector: SC default, SC/FC/LC option

          Optical port: 155M

          Default: Dual fiber, single mode,20km, 1310nm

          TX POWER of 20km optical module: -11~-4 dBm

          RX sensitivity of 20km optical module: -36 dBm

          Saturated optic power: -3dBm

          Optical module is customized according to different requirement.


          PWR: to indicate power, FLINK, ELINK,100M, DUP

          FLINK: to indicate fiber link and trasmit/receive data.

          ELINK: to indicate Ethernet link and transmit/receive data

          100M: to indicate Ethernet 10M or 100M.

          DUP: to indicate full/half duplex


          Working temperature: 0~70

          Storage temperature: -40~85

          Relative humidity: <90%, non-condensing

          Internal power supply


          Application Diagram:



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