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          HomeProductsMedia ConverterMultiple Ports Media Converter > HM-T100BLC4E 4xFE SFP media converter

          This model offers 4xEthernet over fiber. One SFP slot available for SFP module to meet different optical requirement.


          • Realize conversion between 4xEthernet and 1xoptical. 
          • Comply with IEEE802.3、IEEE 802.3u、IEEE 802.3z 
          • Comply with IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, Support QinQ.
          • Comply RFC2544 
          • Ethernet support 10/100M, full/half duplex
          • Support RPD(remote power detection) function
          •  Ethernet support MDI/MDIX
          •  Optical line up to 120km
          •  Maximum support 1600Bytes
          •  Support flow control

          Model Overview: 

          Model Rate Optical port Ethernet port SFP VLAN switch Auto Ethernet rate Auto MDI/MDIX Auto full/half duplex Internal power RPD
          HM-T100B4E 100M 1 4            
          HM-T100B4ELC 100M 1 4            
          HM-T100N4E 100M 1 4  
          HM-T100N4ELC 100M 1 4  



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